6 Essential Travel Apps Every Savvy Tourist Needs

If you’re planning an epic trip this summer, you need to make sure that you’re well prepared. These days, people take their smartphones everywhere with them, which is why it might be worth downloading some handy travel apps ahead of time. Here are six that you really must get!


1. TripIt


If you’re trying to organise a trip away, this has to be the app for you. Rather than booking everything through a travel agent, you can use TripIt to choose each component of your trip in seconds. You can also make custom itineraries for your journey, which means that you can save time when you reach your destination. Easy!


2. Postagram


When you’re out there, seeing the world, you might want to spare a thought for the people you’ve left behind. Postcards are the classic way to keep in touch with your loved ones while you travel. If you want to make the whole thing easier on yourself, download Postagram so that you can send postcards by the touch of a button.


3. Goby


One of the nice things about travelling is experiencing fun new things, but how are you supposed to know what’s on in your area? Goby not only tells you where all the tourist spots are near you, but it also has a listing of the events that are happening too.


4. Free WiFi Finder


When you’re out on your travels, you will be constantly on the lookout for free WiFi in the area. After all, what could be more perfect than saving your roaming data, eh? The Free WiFi Finder helps you to find hotspots in any urban area.


5. Google Translate


Often, you will find that the language barrier is a real problem when you’re in a foreign land. The best thing you can do (besides from learning every language out there) is get Google Translate on your phone. That way you can translate everything from menus to signs in seconds.


6. Hotel Tonight


If you like to go where the wind takes you, it can often be hard to find a room at short notice. That’s why you need the Hotel Tonight app. The app works with hotels and hostels in urban areas and shows you where there are some last minute rooms available.